Get to Know the Voice Behind @_surrules

@_surrules is one of the biggest Vanderpump Rules fan pages on Instagram, but don’t expect the voice behind the account to reveal her identity anytime soon!

Lucky for you (and for me!), she happens to be one of my good friends and an amazing person – so we decided it would be fun for you to get to know her just a LITTLE bit better. What item on the SUR menu would she be? Does she think Jax Taylor is the #1 guy in the group? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Diana: How did you get into VPR and what inspired you to make a fan page about it?

@_surrules: I got into VPR because of my nail salon!! I was in there one day and it was on tv and I recognized Stassi from Queen Bees (she was my favorite on there) and went home and just bought season 1 on iTunes. My biggest inspiration behind the fan page was because none of my friends watch the show and I just wanted a platform to talk about and it just took off from there.

Diana: At what moment did you realize the page was getting to be a big deal, and did you ever expect it to be this huge?

@_surrules: I never expected it would be this huge, I made this page to make friends over the show and I think I realized it when Ariana told people to go to my page for trailers/clips on her own page, I never expected them to notice my page out of all the other pages.

Diana: Which cast member(s) would you say you relate to most and why?

@_surrules: Stassi because we love a lot of the same things —- hot dogs, booze and Michael Myers ringtones but as seasons go on, I really relate to Katie because she’s honest and blunt and holds people accountable and she’s not afraid to stand on her own and I think that makes a strong ass woman and I’m not afraid to send a few drunken rage texts.

Diana: What has been the craziest thing that has happened to you because of the SurRules page?

@_surrules: When I met Jax and Brit in Atlantic City and because of my page, they let my friends & I into their VIP section and I got to party with them! That was crazy and amazing! And just them recognizing my page and being so excited to meet me and I actually got to talk to them.

Diana: Thoughts on the new cast members?

@_surrules: I love (MOST) of the new cast members, as the season goes on it does feel like two different shows which is challenging but if I had to rank them it’d be:
1. Dayna
2. Danica
3. Brett
4. Charli
5. Max
Max is last because he sucks and #TeamDayna

Diana: Who do you feel is the most misunderstood cast member and why?

@_surrules: Brittany. Which at first probably sounds weird because she’s so popular but I think she’s misunderstood because people have this perception that because you’re so nice, you can’t get mad and stand up for yourself and fight back and you totally can. I’m tired of the people saying she’s not sweet anymore because she fights back.

Diana: Is Jax really the number one guy in the group?

@_surrules: Jax could only be considered number one because without him we probably wouldn’t have gotten picked up so many times but I think Sandoval is the number 1 guy in the group.

Diana: F Marry Kill – Schwartz, Sandoval, and Jax and why.

@_surrules: F- Jax M- Sandoval K- Schwartz
I’m killing Schwartz because he was yelling at my girl in the mid season trailer and I don’t stand for that shit and I do believe after this season that Sandoval is the #1 Tom so there’s that.

Diana: If you were a menu item at SUR, which would you be and why?

@_surrules: This is probably my favorite question! I think I’m the Crispy Chicken with the mash & string beans BECAUSE I’m fucking tasty and full of flavor like that chicken hahahahaha

Diana: Without giving too much info about yourself away, what is one thing you want your followers to know about you that they may not?

@_surrules: I’m not anyone from the show! And I actually have a real job, when I’m not posting selfies of Lala- I’m being a toddler teacher.

There you have it! I hope we answered some of your burning questions. And make sure you’re following her page @_surrules on Instagram for juicy show and cast updates!

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