MUST WATCH: A Saved by the Bell Review

If you’re about to throw your remote control out the window, because you’ve watched just about everything, take a breath and PUT THE REMOTE DOWN. Saved by the Bell is back on Peacock and it’s just the thing you need to watch.

Now if you’re thinking “ugh, I can’t take another lame reboot,” stop that, because this show is anything but that. It’s the perfect formula of the old show you know and love, mixed in with talented new cast members, and the important issues facing today’s society.

The show takes place at Bayside High, but this time, Zack Morris and his friends aren’t roaming the halls. No, Zack’s the Governor of California now (that made me chuckle too), and his son Mac is the one getting into trouble these days, along with his friends Lexi, and Jamie Spano (son of none other than Jessie Spano). Their world is taken for a spin when Governor Morris closes schools with less funds, and sends them to Bayside. Enter Daisy Jimenez, Aisha Garcia, and Devante Young. Despite major societal differences, the new and old students form a friendship in the halls of Bayside, under the watch of Dr. Jessie Spano, the school’s guidance counselor, and Coach (A.C.) Slater.

The show does a great job of mixing silly and entertaining plotlines like it’s predecessor from the 90s (like when Mac and Jamie have a crush on the same girl, but don’t even realize it) while tackling issues such as racism and gender inequality head on.

The diverse cast is something to applaud as well – the actors are from various backgrounds, and actress Josie Totah is transgender, just like her character Lexi.

This show is a must watch on every level. You can catch it streaming on Peacock: the first episode is available to watch with Peacock Free, and you can access all episodes with Peacock’s Premium plans. If you’re an Xfinity Cable customer, Premium access to Peacock is included with your cable plan.

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