HOT AND FESTIVE: HBO Max’s 12 Dates of Christmas

It’s not all too often you hear the words hot and sexy and Christmas in a sentence, but you will when talking about this HBO Max show.

The 12 Dates of Christmas takes all the best parts of The Bachelor franchise and a Hallmark Christmas movie and blends them together. The show follows 3 (hot AF) leads in a gorgeous wintry castle, who are looking for dates to bring home for the holidays: Faith, Chad, and Garrett. The contestants show up to meet the leads at the castle a little at a time – often surprising them when it’s inconvenient. And when it comes to traditional dating show rules, things get blurry! Let’s just say, the leads aren’t the only ones who end up finding love on this show.

The show’s diversity puts it a major step ahead of others like it – the contestants and leads all came from a wide range of backgrounds, and, it has a lead who is gay (Garrett).

While the show has a lot of plusses, there are some minuses too, like the narrator’s (Natasha Rothwell) commentary. While funny, it was often distracting and didn’t propel the plot as well as it could have. Another thing – the contestants constantly complained when the lead was on another date. Sometimes that happens to an extent on The Bachelor, but, it’s never this annoying. It’s called a dating COMPETITION for a reason.

That being said, if you’re looking for something fun to watch with a glass of spiked Eggnog, or Cocoa this is just the show for you. There are 8 episodes to binge (they were dropped over a series of 3 weeks). If you don’t already have an HBO Max subscription – check with your cable provider, because it may be included with your cable package.

MUST WATCH: A Saved by the Bell Review

If you’re about to throw your remote control out the window, because you’ve watched just about everything, take a breath and PUT THE REMOTE DOWN. Saved by the Bell is back on Peacock and it’s just the thing you need to watch.

Now if you’re thinking “ugh, I can’t take another lame reboot,” stop that, because this show is anything but that. It’s the perfect formula of the old show you know and love, mixed in with talented new cast members, and the important issues facing today’s society.

The show takes place at Bayside High, but this time, Zack Morris and his friends aren’t roaming the halls. No, Zack’s the Governor of California now (that made me chuckle too), and his son Mac is the one getting into trouble these days, along with his friends Lexi, and Jamie Spano (son of none other than Jessie Spano). Their world is taken for a spin when Governor Morris closes schools with less funds, and sends them to Bayside. Enter Daisy Jimenez, Aisha Garcia, and Devante Young. Despite major societal differences, the new and old students form a friendship in the halls of Bayside, under the watch of Dr. Jessie Spano, the school’s guidance counselor, and Coach (A.C.) Slater.

The show does a great job of mixing silly and entertaining plotlines like it’s predecessor from the 90s (like when Mac and Jamie have a crush on the same girl, but don’t even realize it) while tackling issues such as racism and gender inequality head on.

The diverse cast is something to applaud as well – the actors are from various backgrounds, and actress Josie Totah is transgender, just like her character Lexi.

This show is a must watch on every level. You can catch it streaming on Peacock: the first episode is available to watch with Peacock Free, and you can access all episodes with Peacock’s Premium plans. If you’re an Xfinity Cable customer, Premium access to Peacock is included with your cable plan.

Get to Know the Voice Behind @_surrules

@_surrules is one of the biggest Vanderpump Rules fan pages on Instagram, but don’t expect the voice behind the account to reveal her identity anytime soon!

Lucky for you (and for me!), she happens to be one of my good friends and an amazing person – so we decided it would be fun for you to get to know her just a LITTLE bit better. What item on the SUR menu would she be? Does she think Jax Taylor is the #1 guy in the group? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Diana: How did you get into VPR and what inspired you to make a fan page about it?

@_surrules: I got into VPR because of my nail salon!! I was in there one day and it was on tv and I recognized Stassi from Queen Bees (she was my favorite on there) and went home and just bought season 1 on iTunes. My biggest inspiration behind the fan page was because none of my friends watch the show and I just wanted a platform to talk about and it just took off from there.

Diana: At what moment did you realize the page was getting to be a big deal, and did you ever expect it to be this huge?

@_surrules: I never expected it would be this huge, I made this page to make friends over the show and I think I realized it when Ariana told people to go to my page for trailers/clips on her own page, I never expected them to notice my page out of all the other pages.

Diana: Which cast member(s) would you say you relate to most and why?

@_surrules: Stassi because we love a lot of the same things —- hot dogs, booze and Michael Myers ringtones but as seasons go on, I really relate to Katie because she’s honest and blunt and holds people accountable and she’s not afraid to stand on her own and I think that makes a strong ass woman and I’m not afraid to send a few drunken rage texts.

Diana: What has been the craziest thing that has happened to you because of the SurRules page?

@_surrules: When I met Jax and Brit in Atlantic City and because of my page, they let my friends & I into their VIP section and I got to party with them! That was crazy and amazing! And just them recognizing my page and being so excited to meet me and I actually got to talk to them.

Diana: Thoughts on the new cast members?

@_surrules: I love (MOST) of the new cast members, as the season goes on it does feel like two different shows which is challenging but if I had to rank them it’d be:
1. Dayna
2. Danica
3. Brett
4. Charli
5. Max
Max is last because he sucks and #TeamDayna

Diana: Who do you feel is the most misunderstood cast member and why?

@_surrules: Brittany. Which at first probably sounds weird because she’s so popular but I think she’s misunderstood because people have this perception that because you’re so nice, you can’t get mad and stand up for yourself and fight back and you totally can. I’m tired of the people saying she’s not sweet anymore because she fights back.

Diana: Is Jax really the number one guy in the group?

@_surrules: Jax could only be considered number one because without him we probably wouldn’t have gotten picked up so many times but I think Sandoval is the number 1 guy in the group.

Diana: F Marry Kill – Schwartz, Sandoval, and Jax and why.

@_surrules: F- Jax M- Sandoval K- Schwartz
I’m killing Schwartz because he was yelling at my girl in the mid season trailer and I don’t stand for that shit and I do believe after this season that Sandoval is the #1 Tom so there’s that.

Diana: If you were a menu item at SUR, which would you be and why?

@_surrules: This is probably my favorite question! I think I’m the Crispy Chicken with the mash & string beans BECAUSE I’m fucking tasty and full of flavor like that chicken hahahahaha

Diana: Without giving too much info about yourself away, what is one thing you want your followers to know about you that they may not?

@_surrules: I’m not anyone from the show! And I actually have a real job, when I’m not posting selfies of Lala- I’m being a toddler teacher.

There you have it! I hope we answered some of your burning questions. And make sure you’re following her page @_surrules on Instagram for juicy show and cast updates!

The Poo Necklace Dipped Round the world – a Vanderpump Rules Recap

This week on Vanderpump Rules, it’s still Wedding Week! We resume Jax and Brittany’s rehearsal dinner at the Kentucky Castle but are suddenly interrupted by an NYPD Detective – record scratch – why would it be an NYPD detective when we’re in Kentucky? Anywho, he’s saying that there’s been a murder in the castle. Time for a murder mystery dinner! Who is going to solve the mystery? None other than Lala who absolutely crushed it using common sense.

Is it a wedding tradition to start shit at your friend’s rehearsal dinner? I don’t think so, but this crew managed to do it anyway. Stassi, Katie, and Lala are still upset that Kristen is taking Carter to the wedding when they are supposedly broken up. Kristen is still upset that the girls are drilling her about this again. I’m still upset that this is a plotline. Katie declares this the “end of a friendship.”

Back in West Hollywood, Dayna is approached by another Surver explaining that her “boyfriend” (or wedding date as Max thinks of it) was seen being friendly with another girl. This confirms what we knew all along: Max is the absolute worst. Grab your popcorn, and wait for Dayna to tear him a new one.

We travel back to Kentucky to find everyone partying later that night, except for the Groom. For once, we get a vulnerable moment from Jax who is spending some time to himself, reflecting about his father. It can’t be easy for him to get married knowing his Dad won’t be there to see it.

Kristen, tries to find an ally in Beau, which isn’t smart considering she’s fighting with his girlfriend (almost fiancee). When it goes as expected, she freaks out calling him selfish for supporting Stassi, and calling her his number one. Beau, being the level headed person he is, immediately diffuses the situation and the two toast.

The following morning, it’s a somber moment with Jax, as a box for his Dad’s ashes is delivered. Jax explains how he still likes to spend time with his father even though he has passed. I wish we could see this open and honest side to Jax more.

After more discussion about why everyone is mad at Kristen, Tom Schwartz drops the bombshell that he and Katie aren’t actually married! In true Schwartz fashion, he lost the marriage certificate thinking it was just a piece of paper. This technically makes Jax the first guy to get married in the group. Come on Schwartz, you had one job! Flashback to a never before seen clip from Katie and Schwartz’s wedding from 2016 – and they were trying to find the certificate then. Does this mean the producers knew they weren’t married the entire time? WHOA!

Ariana, Scheana, and Lala are discussing Raquel and James’ relationship. Scheana reveals to the girls that James is going to start AA Meetings, which gets Lala excited. She offers her support to James – this looks like the beginning (again) of a beautiful friendship.

Meanwhile, in LA, things are about to get gooooooood. Dayna invites Max over to confront him. This brings back memories to old seasons – Dayna flashes the other girl’s shirt to Max and immediately asks all the important questions: when did you last hang out, why does she have a Tom Tom Pride shirt, did you f**k? Max said it was similar to taking his “mom” out to lunch – yeah, okay. In what may be a first in VPR history, a girl decides not to put up with a boy’s BS, ends the situationship, and gives him his necklace back. But NOT before dipping it in cat litter. A move no one will ever forget.

Over in Kentucky, we have a surprise wedding guest – Lisa Vanderpump! She is able to attend the wedding after all since her Mother’s funeral isn’t until the following week. Randall pulls the whole thing together and flies her out on his PJ. Randall is the MVP of this season.

Stassi rushes to inform Lisa that Katie and Tom aren’t actually married, but we are quickly interrupted by a goofy line dancing Beau. What ever did we do without that gem of a man? Never change.

At Tom Tom, James is getting the scoop about the Dayna and Max situation from Max himself – who once again claims that he and Dayna were never exclusive, and that he was seeing this other chick at one point and wanted to end things with her. Any way you shape this, it’s not looking good for him. It doesn’t start to look good for James either, who is complaining that he’s going to start AA meetings.

The night before the wedding, Brittany warns Jax not to drink anymore. I wouldn’t bet my money on that. The girls and guys separate. The ladies are decked out onesies of things that would live in a castle. The guys aren’t dressed up, except for Beau, who came as a knight! God love this man.

The girls are having a twerking contest and the guys are …drinking! Told you not to bet on that. A drunk Jax proclaims that Brittany is the best woman for him – cue the montage of their relationship. I seriously hope he is able to wake up on his wedding day tomorrow.

We’ll find out next week!

Did Teresa Tell Danielle to Pull Margaret’s Hair?

Season 10 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has not been disappointing – there is so much drama, it’s reminiscent of Season 1. The most iconic (and horrifying) part of this season was definitely when Danielle Staub pulled Margaret Josephs’ hair.

After this week’s episode, we know that Melissa and Danielle were going to meetup and discuss their friendship. On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen gave us a sneak peak at that meeting. And let’s just say it was nothing short of A M A Z I N G.

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According to Danielle, she was “done” after she threw Margaret’s purse into the candle. She tells Melissa she was “influenced” to pull Margaret’s hair. FIRST, she said the boutique owner, Steven, told her to do it (yeah, because a grown man would want to start a riot in his own store), and then she looked at Teresa, who said “yeah, do it.”

Andy’s face is all of us watching right now.

Are we buying this? Catch the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey next Wednesday at 8 pm on Bravo.

Breaking Down the Season 12 RHONY Trailer

God and Andy Cohen answered all of our prayers today when the Season 12 trailer for the Real Housewives of New York was released.

Before watching, we already know that Tinsley Mortimer is engaged to longtime boyfriend Scott Kluth, Former Countess Luann has been touring with her cabaret show “Countess and Friends,” Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian are reportedly on a break, Bethenny Frankel is not returning to the show, and there’s a new wife named Leah McSweeney. Let’s dive in and take a look at what else we can expect this season.

New Girl Leah McSweeney Seems Like Fun

Leah comes in hot on the trailer explaining that she likes crazy people, and that this group of ladies are all “hot f–king messes.” Later on, she’s seen running around, dancing with random guys, making out with Tinsley, and ripping an octopus out of a seafood tower? I think she is going to fit in just fine with the other wives.

Luann Still Takes Her Show Very Seriously

Nothing else to say here.

Tinsley Is Moving to Chicago

After Tinsley and Scott got engaged, rumors were swirling that she would be leaving the show. Tinsley addressed the issue with People Magazine, saying she would continue working in NYC, while Scott worked in Chicago – but it looks like we’ll be seeing this one play out on camera.

Luann is Drinking Again

Luann did tell People Magazine that she is drinking responsibly again, but is this really a good thing to do on-camera?

There WIll Be No Shortage of Angry Dorinda Moments

Dorinda is seen fighting with multiple cast members, and at one point, an emotional Ramona claims that they want to help her. Could she be referring to a possible drinking problem?

As Always, it’s Going to be Insane

From pooping in a corn maze, to smashing a mirrored tray, and LOTS of screaming, it looks like we’re in for a wild ride for Season 12. Buckle up!

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of New York premieres on April 2nd at 9 PM on Bravo.

The Return of DJ James kennedy – a Vanderpump Rules Recap

It’s the most wonderful time of year at SUR – Pride! Everyone is prepping for the big event. While 10% owners of TomTom, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz get their suits together, and make sure they have DJ James Kennedy booked (totally not awkward considering how rudely he treated Katie last season), and Scheana, Raquel, Brett, and Danica are at LVP’s painting posters for Pride. Lisa makes a joke about how Pride can get messy and it’s not only about James, and Raquel can’t see why her boyfriend can’t catch a break. Let’s see if she learns by the end of this episode.

Lisa confronts Scheana about her mistreatment of Dayna at SUR. Scheana INSISTS it’s not because she’s jealous of Dayna and Max’s situationship, she just truly doesn’t like her. The wide eyes and tears tell us otherwise. She’s not jealous, she just R E A L L Y doesn’t want to stand behind her and wait to get her hair done at all.

Ariana makes her way over to Lisa’s, but not to help decorate posters. The two have a serious conversation about Ariana’s depression. Ariana opens up about how moving into her dream home never solved her problems in the way she thought it would. She even was brave enough to admit she has thought about driving her car off the road. Her vulnerability is something to be admired – I’m sure she has assured many viewers that they’re not alone.

Now it’s time to check in with Brittany, Lala, and Stassi. They’re discussing Pride, and it’s totally sinking in that this show is very different from Season 1 since the three of them are not working the event. James Kennedy comes up in conversation, and Stassi ponders “Where are we that James is the only person that can DJ at an event?” We’re on TV. What’s Vanderpump Rules without a little conflict?

Speaking of James Kennedy, his return to our TV screens includes a velvet robe with “White Kanye” embroidered on it, a little shit talking of Katie, and his impersonation of an American Accent. Also, shocking absolutely nobody, he’s found a way to screw up his freshly mended friendship with Lala in a matter of days. James posted a photo mocking the fact that her fiance owed Fofty Cent (google it) money. I’d say that anyone would see that’s a terrible idea, but it is James – he lives for the shock value at all.

Pride is finally here, and over at SUR, Jax is clearly butthurt that he’s the only one out of his friends who still working there. He’s fighting Danica on the fact that he needs to bartend. When she asked him to set up, he flat out said no. When she asked him where his pride outfit was, she said he doesn’t dress up. The drag outfit he wore to Tom’s bachelor party, and the old man getup he wore to his own bachelor party have determined that is a lie.

Jax shows his ass even more when he pretends not to know Dayna, even though he hung out with her in a hotel room last season. As if that weren’t bad enough, he went on to borderline bash her looks. Can someone point this man to the exit?

Over at TomTom, it’s time for James to confront Lala. How Lala isn’t breathing fire in his face, is a mystery to me. She remained cool, level headed, and mature the entire time as they reconciled – DAMN girl! The whole cast can learn from her, except then the show probably wouldn’t be as fun to watch. As they’re walking away, we learn that James is not getting any closer to sobriety. Once again, no one is surprised.

It’s time for the parade! We get a front seat of all the action, and the fortune of a shirtless Brett holding Lisa’s umbrella. We as the audience also have the misfortune of having to flash back to Scheana singing one of her songs. *Please God, please let that be the only performance of the episode.*

Tom and Tom look adorable in their matching suits, and Schwartz explains how good it feels to walk into a crowded TomTom. Our little Schwartzy is all grown up from his panic attack at Pump days. We’re big proud of you.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – a James Kennedy freakout. This time, cursing out his innocent girlfriend Raquel for missing his DJ set. Because missing your boyfriend hit the enter key on a MacBook Pro a ton of is a t r a g e d y worthy of being cursed out over.

Raquel makes her way over to TomTom and admits she doesn’t want to upset James because he can explode at time. The picture of a healthy and not at all toxic relationship. What’s even better, is she left HER JOB to go watch her boyfriend. I don’t think it could get any worse.

…and I stand corrected. James just accidentally outed the fact that his girlfriend was skipping work to HER BOSS, and then admitted to her that he has been drinking. Does this guy enjoy sabotaging himself? No need to answer that.

Uh oh, Raquel is in trouble with a very strict Manager Peter who is different from Pirate Peter we met in Episode 1. Her excuse for missing work? She “lost track of time.”

Remember when I prayed to never hear Scheana sing again this episode? My prayers were not answered, because she’s singing “Good as Gold” on the bar.

Take a puff of your inhaler, because Scheana and Dayna are going to have a talk. While Scheana claims everyone has mistreated Dayna and not only her, Dayna is all of us watching, and isn’t putting up with her BS. Scheana claims she’s mad because “Dayna” is trying to hang out with all of HER friends, and then blames it on the hormones because she’s freezing her eggs. At least the most awkward exchange in history ends with an apology from Scheana

As always, Pride did not disappoint! It’s sad to see another year go, but we’ll be on pins and needles waiting for next year’s parade. Until then, there’s always next episode.

What We’ve Learned About the New Vanderpump Rules Cast Members So Far

Tonight was Season 8, Episode 3 of Vanderpump Rules, and while the OGs definitely SURved the drama, we also learned a lot more about the newbies. Here’s everything we’ve learned about the new Vanderpump Rules cast members so far:

Dayna Kathan:

Dayna is one of SUR’s newest waitresses, who originally was a hostess at Tom Tom. She’s gotten to know Tom Tom manager Max really well, but doesn’t seem to be hitting it off with her trainer, Scheana (more on that later). In Episode 2, we find out that Dayna is pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, and she’s actually really freaking good at it. We got to know Dayna on a deeper level when we found out about the loss of her Mother, and the admiration and respect she has for her.

Overall, Dayna appears level headed, and she seems to speak her mind in an assertive way, without being too over the top. It is only Episode 3, however, so there is still time for that to change – but I can easily see her being a new fan-favorite. Here’s hoping she puts Max in his place!

Max Boyens:

Speaking of Max, he’s the Manager at Tom Tom, who seems to spend a lot of time “hanging” with some of his female coworkers. We find out he was previously linked to Scheana, (who bought him an Apple Watch for THANKSGIVING????) and now he’s moving in on Dayna. Scheana is unhappy with that (surprise, surprise), but she did have a redeeming moment when she got to call him out on his f**kboy behavior. That’s about it really – oh, and there were a bunch of racist tweets he made that were recently released.

Brett Caprioni:

Brett is another new SURver, who is originally from New Jersey (I would normally give an ayyyyyyy but you’ll see why not in a few) and was Lisa Vanderpump’s personal trainer. Here’s where I’m confused – why would you give up being LVP’s personal trainer to go bartend? Doesn’t seem like a good money move…on the show, he blames it on needing part-time money, but we all know he can’t say it’s because he wants the fame that goes along with the show (he is no stranger to views – he has his own YouTube channel, and dated YouTuber Carli Bybel). He has also wasted no time getting to know Scheana – but it seems like he regrets that decision. They hooked up, and he called her a bad kisser. Whoops! Brett has also found himself in hot water after authoring some racist tweets.

Danica Dow:

Danica Dow, Assistant Manager of SUR, has made quite an entrance on the show, and even though it seems a bit dramatic, what would Vanderpump Rules be without the drama? She came in hot with a suspension from SUR in her first episode, for shoving her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend?) Brett Willis because he suggested a threesome. At first, I was beginning to think that she and Dayna were the same person because you never saw them in a scene together, but that was disproven this week. Even though Danica seems a bit fiery, it is looking like she will be a key player in keeping this season’s plot moving.

Charli Burnett:

Oh Charli. Sweet Charli. There’s not much we know about you just yet, except that you really are Scheana’s mini-me, as Dayna said. OH and she doesn’t eat pasta, as has a “theory” that it causes people to gain weight. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Charli.

Rewind to her newfound friendship with Scheana – will it last? The cast-bios on seem to hint otherwise. This sounds like it’ll be juicy!

That’s what we know about the newest SUR blood on Vanderpump Rules. You’ll be able to follow their journeys and see if they can dish it like the seasoned pros, or if they’ll blend into the nicely decorated background every Tuesday night at 9 on Bravo.

Everything We Learned on the Below Deck 100th Episode

Can you believe there have been 7 seasons and 100 episodes of Below Deck already? It seems as though it was only yesterday we watched Captain Lee and his (Kate Chastain-less) crew embark on the show’s Maiden Voyage aboard the Honor.

The cast from over the years reunited on a special episode of Watch What Happens Live – and they did not disappoint. Before we dive into the drama and “secrets” revealed of the episode, let’s catch up with what the cast is doing.

The first cast members to sit down along side Captain Lee and Kate Chastain were Season 1’s Crew of Chef Ben Robinson, 2nd Stew Kat Held, and Deckhands Eddie Lucas, and Dave Bradberry. Kat looked absolutely amazing. Since the show, she’s been in nursing school (though she confused everyone when she quickly said something that made it sound like that wasn’t working out). Eddie works on a tugboat, is no longer with his girlfriend (how could he be after everything that went down with Rocky in Season 3 – more on that later), and Dave Bradberry is starting a production company, but sadly, he and his fiancé Trevor (who we watched get together and all collectively said AWW) split up.

Next on deck was the cast of Season 2, and Deckhand Kelley Johnson and his sister 3rd Stew Amy Johnson joined the others on the couch. Not much exciting was learned except that Kelley has been a relationship for 3 years, and he and his sister are very close. *Yawn*

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Season 3. The controversial 3rd Stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, and Deckhand Connie Arias took their places on the couch. Rocky is a massage therapist and Yoga teacher who lives in Hawaii and seemed very zen (up until an exchange with Kate, which we’ll dive more into later). Connie is running a boat management company, when she’s not wearing Peanut Butter and Whipped Cream bikinis (which apparently she still gets asked about).

The only crew members to join Captain Lee and Kate Chastain from Season 4 was the arrogant Senior Deckhand Trevor Walker who only lasted 4 episodes, and the Deckhand who took that title, Nico Scholly. Both Trevor and Nico are working on boats. Trevor seems to have grown as a person – he thinks Captain Lee was right to fire him – and, he has a wife and a son. Nico wants everyone to know he’s madly in love with his girlfriend (who isn’t the one he cheated on during Season 5, BY THE WAY.) Speaking of Season 5, Jen Howell was next to sit on the couch. She had the most surprising transformation of all. Not only did she dye her hair brown, but she also still works on a Yacht AND as a Chief Stew? Wow!

Finally, 2nd Stew Josiah Carter, and Chef Adrian Martin from Season 6 were called to the couch. The tables have turned for Josiah and he’s living a life similar to the guests rather than the Yachties. He has a boyfriend and has been doing lots of traveling with him, even on Yachts. Adrian is still a private chef.

The crew of Season 7 was not included in the 100th Episode Special, and Kate Chastain was very vocal about her happiness with that.

Now for the fun stuff:

  • Remember Kelley and Jennice’s cringeworthy relationship on Season 2? Boy meets girl, boy chases girl, boy gets girl, boy runs the other way? Kelley admitted the two dated after the show. We all can’t believe she gave him another chance.
  • Rocky seemed evolved when she first got on set, but that took a sharp turn when she started a fight with Kate because Kate told her she “was not a good yachtie.” Which is very true, and was nothing short of painful to watch.
  • Eddie’s girlfriend DID NOT break up with him after seeing what unfolded between him and Rocky on Season 3 (WHY THE HELL NOT??) but they eventually did break up.
  • Eddie regrets how his time on the show ended. Captain Lee said he would hire him back.
  • What’s Captain Lee’s favorite Yacht to work on? MySeanna from Season 6.
  • Chef Ben and 2nd Stew Emily Warburton are no longer dating, but they are still friends. Ben is seeing someone else currently.
  • Nico and Brianna are no longer speaking, and Nico assures you HE LOVES HIS GIRLFRIEND (again, not the one from the show), THINGS ARE GOING GREAT!
  • Kate and Josiah lost touch for a little, but they are still friendly.

And that’s all she wrote – here’s to another 100 Episodes of Below Deck!

Here’s the Seating Chart for the #RHOD Season 4 Reunion

Reunion time is perhaps the most important time for the Real Housewives – and what’s even more important is where the housewives will be seated on the couch. Part 1 of the Season 4 Reunion of Dallas airs on January 1st, and Bravo gave us a look at the seating arrangements.

It’s kind of an unspoken thing that the closer you are to Andy, the better your seat is. You do NOT want to be on the end of the couch.

Let’s go from left to right. Sitting to the far left on the couch (and this may shock you) is Brandi Redmond. Next to her is LeeAnne Locken. Stephanie Hollman sits next to her, giving her the closest seat to Andy Cohen on the left couch.

On the far side of the right couch sits D’Andra Simmons. Sitting next to her is the newest housewife, Kary Brittingham, and then sitting in the seat closest to Andy on the right couch is Kameron Westcott.

The seating arrangement in a word? Interesting. Never in a million years did I think Brandi Redmond would be sitting furthest away from Andy, since she is an original cast member, and one who can bring the drama. LeeAnne’s middle placement makes more sense – her gross comments about Kary this season made a lot of people upset (including Andy Cohen, who voiced his displeasure on an episode of Watch What Happens Live).

Stephanie Hollman takes the top spot on the left couch, and I think this is well deserved. She’s definitely a fan favorite and always carries herself with poise. This is your time, Steph.

D’Andra’s far right placement makes a lot of sense. Her business storyline is getting old, and it’s just not relatable to fans (granted, it’s hard to be relatable to a bunch of rich ladies, but when the story lines are about family drama or petty friend BS, it’s a lot more relatable than “Mommy won’t let me borrow money from the trust fund.”)

Newcomer Kary Brittingham got treated to a middle seat on her first season. Personally, I would have liked to see her on the far end of the couch. I think if she and LeeAnne weren’t at odds, she would have had Brandi’s seat. Kary definitely came in hot for her first season.

The most surprising of all? Kameron Westcott having the coveted seat next to Andy on the right couch. Kameron has come a long way since she joined the cast in season 2. She went from an unlikable snob trying to push pink dog food, to a woman who proved she can hold her own in the finale of Season 4. Her husband Court also got some points in my book for taking a firm stance against LeeAnne’s words. I still don’t know if she deserved the top spot on the couch just yet, but maybe this is a prediction of a bigger role for her next season.

Here’s how I would have sat the ladies (from left to right):

LeeAnne Locken, Kameron Westcott, Stephanie Hollman


Brandi Redmond, D’Andra Simmons, Kary Brittingham

You can catch the Season 4 Reunion on January 1st at 9 pm on Bravo.