Get to Know the Voice Behind @_surrules

@_surrules is one of the biggest Vanderpump Rules fan pages on Instagram, but don’t expect the voice behind the account to reveal her identity anytime soon! Lucky for you (and for me!), she happens to be one of my good friends and an amazing person – so we decided it would be fun for youContinue reading “Get to Know the Voice Behind @_surrules”

The Poo Necklace Dipped Round the world – a Vanderpump Rules Recap

This week on Vanderpump Rules, it’s still Wedding Week! We resume Jax and Brittany’s rehearsal dinner at the Kentucky Castle but are suddenly interrupted by an NYPD Detective – record scratch – why would it be an NYPD detective when we’re in Kentucky? Anywho, he’s saying that there’s been a murder in the castle. TimeContinue reading “The Poo Necklace Dipped Round the world – a Vanderpump Rules Recap”