If the Cast of Below Deck Med Season 4 Were School Superlatives

I’m feeling ~inspired~ by the Season 4 Cast of Below Deck Med (and I’m not talking Chef Mila about to make a bunch of sandwiches ‘inspired.’) Throw your grad caps off the bow of the Sirocco, cause we’re going back to High School – I’m ranking the cast members Yearbook Superlative style!


Most Improved: Joao Franco

Take a look at any of my blogs from last season – I could NOT stand Joao. It’s clear he’s done a lot of growing up, has taken a look inward, and has learned the lessons that will really help him succeed in his new position as Bosun. That self growth makes you look sexy, Joao. Well done.

Life of the Party: Aesha Scott

Did somebody say ‘vodka tampon?’ Aesha has a killer sense of humor, and witty remark for just about everything both of which come in handy for a job like Second Stew. PLUS she can whip out a fun fact when you least expect it? I like her already.

Best Hair: Jack Stirrup

Captain Sandy may hate it, but I can’t take my eyes off that gorgeous head of curly blonde hair on Jack Stirrup. So what it gets in the way of his job, it’s eye candy, and I’m here for it.

Most Likely to Succeed: Anastasia Surmava

Not only is she the most capable Third Stew this show has ever seen, but she’s also a better Chef than the actual Chef! Can we talk about that cake she made out of NOWHERE? This girl is going places.

Most Likely to Cheer You Up: Colin Macy-O’Toole

If Colin doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re heartless. Not only is Colin a hard worker, but he’s a really creative rapper. The Sirocco crew is lucky to have someone like him aboard to lift their spirits when things get tough.

Best Voice: Travis Michalzik

This superlative has a double meaning. Travis takes this title for his amazing accent. The other reason he has the Best Voice, is for standing up to Mila with her outright homophobia. Good for you for telling her what’s not acceptable.

Miss Sirocco: Hannah Ferrier

Whether she’s putting up with unruly guests, or a ‘Chef’ who can’t even cook a plate of nachos, Hannah always maintains her composure and never lets the stress get to her. Plus, she’s always best dressed when the crew goes out. Because of her experience, class, and manners, I am naming her Miss Sirocco.

Least Likely to Succeed: Mila Kolomeitseva

Not only has she personally offended me by disgracing my favorite food (nachos), and by NOT being Chef Adam, she’s just got an AWFUL attitude. Calling people fake, being homophobic, and not even trying with the food? This girl has got to go.

*School Bell Rings*

That sums it up for this week, Below Deck Med lovers. See you next week, class dismissed!


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