What We’ve Learned About the New Vanderpump Rules Cast Members So Far

Tonight was Season 8, Episode 3 of Vanderpump Rules, and while the OGs definitely SURved the drama, we also learned a lot more about the newbies. Here’s everything we’ve learned about the new Vanderpump Rules cast members so far:

Dayna Kathan:


Dayna is one of SUR’s newest waitresses, who originally was a hostess at Tom Tom. She’s gotten to know Tom Tom manager Max really well, but doesn’t seem to be hitting it off with her trainer, Scheana (more on that later). In Episode 2, we find out that Dayna is pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, and she’s actually really freaking good at it. We got to know Dayna on a deeper level when we found out about the loss of her Mother, and the admiration and respect she has for her.

Overall, Dayna appears level headed, and she seems to speak her mind in an assertive way, without being too over the top. It is only Episode 3, however, so there is still time for that to change – but I can easily see her being a new fan-favorite. Here’s hoping she puts Max in his place!

Max Boyens:


Speaking of Max, he’s the Manager at Tom Tom, who seems to spend a lot of time “hanging” with some of his female coworkers. We find out he was previously linked to Scheana, (who bought him an Apple Watch for THANKSGIVING????) and now he’s moving in on Dayna. Scheana is unhappy with that (surprise, surprise), but she did have a redeeming moment when she got to call him out on his f**kboy behavior. That’s about it really – oh, and there were a bunch of racist tweets he made that were recently released.

Brett Caprioni:

Brett is another new SURver, who is originally from New Jersey (I would normally give an ayyyyyyy but you’ll see why not in a few) and was Lisa Vanderpump’s personal trainer. Here’s where I’m confused – why would you give up being LVP’s personal trainer to go bartend? Doesn’t seem like a good money move…on the show, he blames it on needing part-time money, but we all know he can’t say it’s because he wants the fame that goes along with the show (he is no stranger to views – he has his own YouTube channel, and dated YouTuber Carli Bybel). He has also wasted no time getting to know Scheana – but it seems like he regrets that decision. They hooked up, and he called her a bad kisser. Whoops! Brett has also found himself in hot water after authoring some racist tweets.

Danica Dow:

Danica Dow, Assistant Manager of SUR, has made quite an entrance on the show, and even though it seems a bit dramatic, what would Vanderpump Rules be without the drama? She came in hot with a suspension from SUR in her first episode, for shoving her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend?) Brett Willis because he suggested a threesome. At first, I was beginning to think that she and Dayna were the same person because you never saw them in a scene together, but that was disproven this week. Even though Danica seems a bit fiery, it is looking like she will be a key player in keeping this season’s plot moving.

Charli Burnett:


Oh Charli. Sweet Charli. There’s not much we know about you just yet, except that you really are Scheana’s mini-me, as Dayna said. OH and she doesn’t eat pasta, as has a “theory” that it causes people to gain weight. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Charli.

Rewind to her newfound friendship with Scheana – will it last? The cast-bios on Bravo.com seem to hint otherwise. This sounds like it’ll be juicy!

That’s what we know about the newest SUR blood on Vanderpump Rules. You’ll be able to follow their journeys and see if they can dish it like the seasoned pros, or if they’ll blend into the nicely decorated background every Tuesday night at 9 on Bravo.

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