Everything We Learned on the Below Deck 100th Episode

Can you believe there have been 7 seasons and 100 episodes of Below Deck already? It seems as though it was only yesterday we watched Captain Lee and his (Kate Chastain-less) crew embark on the show’s Maiden Voyage aboard the Honor.

The cast from over the years reunited on a special episode of Watch What Happens Live – and they did not disappoint. Before we dive into the drama and “secrets” revealed of the episode, let’s catch up with what the cast is doing.

The first cast members to sit down along side Captain Lee and Kate Chastain were Season 1’s Crew of Chef Ben Robinson, 2nd Stew Kat Held, and Deckhands Eddie Lucas, and Dave Bradberry. Kat looked absolutely amazing. Since the show, she’s been in nursing school (though she confused everyone when she quickly said something that made it sound like that wasn’t working out). Eddie works on a tugboat, is no longer with his girlfriend (how could he be after everything that went down with Rocky in Season 3 – more on that later), and Dave Bradberry is starting a production company, but sadly, he and his fiancé Trevor (who we watched get together and all collectively said AWW) split up.

Next on deck was the cast of Season 2, and Deckhand Kelley Johnson and his sister 3rd Stew Amy Johnson joined the others on the couch. Not much exciting was learned except that Kelley has been a relationship for 3 years, and he and his sister are very close. *Yawn*

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Season 3. The controversial 3rd Stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, and Deckhand Connie Arias took their places on the couch. Rocky is a massage therapist and Yoga teacher who lives in Hawaii and seemed very zen (up until an exchange with Kate, which we’ll dive more into later). Connie is running a boat management company, when she’s not wearing Peanut Butter and Whipped Cream bikinis (which apparently she still gets asked about).

The only crew members to join Captain Lee and Kate Chastain from Season 4 was the arrogant Senior Deckhand Trevor Walker who only lasted 4 episodes, and the Deckhand who took that title, Nico Scholly. Both Trevor and Nico are working on boats. Trevor seems to have grown as a person – he thinks Captain Lee was right to fire him – and, he has a wife and a son. Nico wants everyone to know he’s madly in love with his girlfriend (who isn’t the one he cheated on during Season 5, BY THE WAY.) Speaking of Season 5, Jen Howell was next to sit on the couch. She had the most surprising transformation of all. Not only did she dye her hair brown, but she also still works on a Yacht AND as a Chief Stew? Wow!

Finally, 2nd Stew Josiah Carter, and Chef Adrian Martin from Season 6 were called to the couch. The tables have turned for Josiah and he’s living a life similar to the guests rather than the Yachties. He has a boyfriend and has been doing lots of traveling with him, even on Yachts. Adrian is still a private chef.

The crew of Season 7 was not included in the 100th Episode Special, and Kate Chastain was very vocal about her happiness with that.

Now for the fun stuff:

  • Remember Kelley and Jennice’s cringeworthy relationship on Season 2? Boy meets girl, boy chases girl, boy gets girl, boy runs the other way? Kelley admitted the two dated after the show. We all can’t believe she gave him another chance.
  • Rocky seemed evolved when she first got on set, but that took a sharp turn when she started a fight with Kate because Kate told her she “was not a good yachtie.” Which is very true, and was nothing short of painful to watch.
  • Eddie’s girlfriend DID NOT break up with him after seeing what unfolded between him and Rocky on Season 3 (WHY THE HELL NOT??) but they eventually did break up.
  • Eddie regrets how his time on the show ended. Captain Lee said he would hire him back.
  • What’s Captain Lee’s favorite Yacht to work on? MySeanna from Season 6.
  • Chef Ben and 2nd Stew Emily Warburton are no longer dating, but they are still friends. Ben is seeing someone else currently.
  • Nico and Brianna are no longer speaking, and Nico assures you HE LOVES HIS GIRLFRIEND (again, not the one from the show), THINGS ARE GOING GREAT!
  • Kate and Josiah lost touch for a little, but they are still friendly.

And that’s all she wrote – here’s to another 100 Episodes of Below Deck!

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