The Craziest Moments of RHOC Season 14

Season 14 of the Real Housewives of Orange County brought us rumors, divorces, a new housewife, and injuries. Oh yeah, and Emily’s husband Shane didn’t pass the bar exam again.

Though it may not have been the most exciting season to date, it definitely gave us a lot of memorable moments. In honor of the finale tonight, let’s take a look back at Season 14’s craziest moments.

5. Shannon’s Crazy Birthday Party

Shannon Beador may have turned 55 this season, but her “train themed” (more on that later) birthday dinner had everyone partying like they were in their 20s. The night had cast-mates Tamra and Braunwyn making out, (which made Vicki very uncomfortable) Gina and Emily trying to talk through their problems, Kelly getting close with a bouncer, and Shannon trying to find someone to give her a birthday kiss. However, the most entertaining part about all of this are the extras in the background, who are clearly fans of the show following them from location to location – one of them even looks pleased when she’s able to snap a pic of the ladies’ antics!

4. Gina’s DUI and Marriage Woes

We had heard the news in realtime and were waiting to see it go down on the show. Gina Kirschenheiter got arrested for a DUI this season. The show took us through the aftermath of her arrest and told us of how she almost got arrested for not showing up for her court date (that part technically wasn’t her fault). As if she hadn’t been through enough already, Gina revealed that reason for her unusually calm divorce was because her ex-husband Matt had an affair. Their relationship would become a series of ups and downs for the remainder of the season. In real-time, Gina is with a new man who seems to treat her better than Matt did, so here’s hoping 2020 is better for you girl!

3. Braunwyn’s Wild Weaning Party

We have bachelorette parties. We have gender reveals. We have baby showers. And apparently, now we have weaning parties? The newest housewife, Braunwyn Windham-Burke celebrated being done having kids and breastfeeding after 20 years (you read that right) of doing so. If you thought this would be a mild celebration of ladies coming together for cocktails and dinner, you were wrong. This weaning party involved shirtless bartenders, a stripper, and a boob cake. Is this seriously a thing? This can’t be a thing.

2. The Kelly Dodd Train Rumors

Kelly Dodd has found herself at the center of several rumors, starting with Vicki accusing her of doing coke at the Season 13 reunion. This season, the rumors continued with the discussion of Kelly allegedly “pulling a train” (I’m not going to explain that to you), the rumor of her pushing her mom down the stairs, apparently being not allowed at her daughter’s school, and, supposedly getting into a bar fight. But don’t worry – the Tres Amigas (Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki) and their newest friend Gina want to assure you they didn’t start the rumors, they only repeated them.

1. Kelly Hitting Shannon on the Head at Miraval

It was the mallet smack heard round the world! What was supposed to be a zen and relaxing trip to Miraval spa quickly turned into anything but. Kelly was acting as though she’d rather be anywhere but there, and that really was apparent during the sound bath. Shannon wanted to further the experience and had followed instructions to place a singing bowl over her head, when Kelly came up behind her and smacked her with a mallet. I don’t know how Kelly thought that would end, but it resulted in Shannon being rushed to the hospital and asked if she wanted to press assault charges on Kelly. In end, she decided not to press charges – we would have had an entirely different season, had that happened.

Tune in to the Season 14 finale of the Real Housewives of Orange county tonight at 9pm only on Bravo!

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