Things I’m Loving: Kundalini Yoga

I’ve been on a bit of a spiritual ride over the past few years. One thing I’ve noticed is that when you’re called to something, no matter how many times you try to ignore it, it will make it’s way to you.

My journey started with crystals, and then little by little I started listening to spiritual podcasts (my faves include That’s So Retrograde, The Elevator, and Chakra Girl Radio). I randomly stumbled on The Elevator while finding something for background noise at work, and I heard the hosts Britt and Tara (who also run a wellness business called Elevate the Globe) were Kundalini Yoga teachers. I had just began my Aerial Yoga classes, so naturally, I was intrigued.

When I got home, I did some research, and found out the Kundalini Yoga was nothing like Vinyasa Yoga, and definitely not even close to Aerial Yoga. It involves a lot of breath work, movement, and chanting, to move the energy around within your body. It definitely intimidated me, and I thought it was a bit ‘too much’ for me.

Months went by, and I decided to try a Kundalini video from Britt & Tara’s magical morning checklist. All of the anxiety I was feeling went away. I was hooked. I have now incorporated Kundalini meditations into my daily practice, and am proud of that. I appreciate the meanings and teachings behind each meditation.

I know I am still a beginner, but I have a feeling Kundalini Yoga will be a lasting part of my life. If this blog has taught you anything, I hope it is that you should never judge anything without at least trying it once.

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