You Always Have Time For Yourself

A few short months ago, I was the Queen of deeming myself too busy. Meditation? Who has time for that, I want to go to bed. Yoga? Don’t feel much like exercise after a long day at work. Journaling? My brain hurts.

By making excuses for not taking care of myself, I was doing a huge disservice. I thought I was actually doing myself a favor by laying in bed watching a few hours of reality TV (and for the record, there is nothing wrong with that. I still indulge in my nightly Bravo shows.) I thought I was powering down and relaxing. Little did I know, I was actually not helping myself at all – I was making myself feel worse.

By not spending my time wisely, I felt like I had no time at all. Over the past few weeks, I’ve developed a nightly routine that involves journaling (sometimes after watching a workshop video from a wellness expert), Yoga (this I try to do at least 3 nights a week – sometimes I take a class, most of the time I do a mat video from YouTube), and Meditation right before I fall asleep.

Since taking on the things I thought I had no time for, I’ve found that my head is in a much better space. I no longer feel like my time is slipping through my fingers – I feel like my time is my own, and I am investing it in myself. I come home looking forward to my routine rather than feeling like my life is the same thing every day.

If you can’t figure out how to make time for yourself, try setting a reminder in your phone to do things, or even block out space for it in your calendar. That’s how I started – and now I don’t want to skip on my routine since it makes me feel so good.

You always have time for yourself. That’s the truth.

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