Sooooo this post has been sitting in draft mode since Sept. 19th 2018…one can possibly joke that completing this list should be on my #30Before30 list. Awkward…

About 5 months ago, I was talking with my coworker, and she told me about her #40Before40 list. There is something so freeing about making goals for yourself that are outside your comfort zone, and holding yourself accountable for them. That’s why I’m posting them to this blog #AccountableAF. I also believe in writing your plans out to manifest them. So without any further ado, here is my list of 30 things I hope to accomplish before I turn 30 (so as of today, February 17th, 2019, I have just under 3 years to complete this).

Note: I actually completed 2 of these before I published this blog, because I’ve been lazy about writing.

30. Ride on a wave runner (Did this, lost a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses in the process)
29. Get a third ear piercing
28. See Aerosmith in concert
27. Visit the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston
26. Go for a ride on a motorcycle (chill Ma, just safely around the block)
25. Take an aerial yoga class (Did this and fell in love, maybe I should challenge myself to become certified?)
24. Fly first class
23. Go to Coachella (but not camp)
22. Get a tattoo
21. Learn how to cook my Mom’s sauce
20. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes or a Louis Vuttion bag (Bonus points if I can get both)
19. Boujie spa day with friends
18. Take the ‘Keys to the Kingdom‘ tour
17. Get my podcast up and running
16. Somehow score tickets to Watch What Happens Live
15. See Live with Kelly and Ryan
14. Go to high tea with my friend Stephanie
13. Overcome my fear of needles and get a damn blood test
12. Get my picture in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign (I’ve been going to Vegas every year for the past 12 years and still have not managed to do this one)
11. Put my own feelings first, rather than worrying about others (idk how we can even check this one off, but we’re going to list this anyway)
10. See Post Malone in concert (we’re also going to project ‘meet him’ into the universe)
9. Tailgate at a football game, because WHY NOT
8. Host a dinner party where I cook for people, and it tastes good
7. Visit Tom Tom and Villa Blanca in LA (the only two other Vanderpump Restaurants I haven’t been to)
6. Go to some sort of wellness retreat (like Wanderlust)
5. Explore another new city (Charleston, Denver, New Orleans, somewhere in Europe? idk.)
4. Buy a pair of Lululemon yoga pants because SURE
3. Try stand up comedy? Once? Take a class?
2. Take the Malibu Wine Safari
1. Move to Los Angeles, even just for a little while ❤

As I complete these items, I will update this post. If I think of something that will serve my purpose more than what’s on this list, I will interchange as necessary.

And so it is,



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