Mercury Got Me Feeling Some Type of Way

Sorry for the things I said when Mercury was Retrograde.


Friends, Mercury is Retrograde again (some say in retrograde, but that’s not grammatically correct. Google it). What does that mean to you? Well, if you’ve noticed technology has taken a huge dump, you’ve been feeling emotional, or things just haven’t been quite the same since July 25th, congratulations, you’ve been feeling the love from Mercury.


Now I’m no Bill Nye, but basically Mercury is Retrograde when it decides to spin in the opposite direction than usual. Although apparently that’s just an illusion and it only appears to be spinning in the other way. Idk, read this.

Mercury is kind of like that loose cannon friend; the one who takes that extra shot despite EVERYONE TELLING HER NOT TO…and then proceeds to mess up your night because you need to take care of her, or stop her from making a big ol fool out of herself. That’s right friends, we are paying dearly for Mercury’s actions.

Now if you’re a naysayer who is too good to believe that a planet could mess up their lives, well then congratulations. #SpareMe and take your perfect self away from those of us who enjoy having something to blame our ridiculous actions on.


For those of you who are still with me, allow me to further educate you.

Because of Mercury’s little temper tantrum, we’re prone to be more emotional, pick fights, take things too personally, technology won’t work right…and we’re stuck this way until August 18th.  There’s even a list of things you’re not supposed to do while Mercury is Retrograde (including accepting job offers, getting engaged, and traveling).

I for one have been feeling these effects since Mercury was in it’s shadow period…which, if we’re using my analogy, is basically when our drunk friend is reaching for the tequila bottle. About two Saturdays ago I just felt ‘meh,’ far less social than normal, and just out of whack. I had ZERO explanation why. And then, like a message from God Himself, an article popped up on FB warning me Retrograde was coming. That was all the explanation I needed.

I haven’t really felt quite right since then. Not anything to be concerned with, just like the emotional equivalent of your fake eyelash being on wrong. It’s annoying…but I gotta deal with it until August 18th…

So, how do I cope when Mercury is Retrograde?

I exercise (or try to). It does make me feel somewhat better knowing I got off of my butt and did something productive. You can also brag about it #Winning.

I watch mindless TV. Nailed It and the Real Housewives of New York have been two of my go to’s this Mercury go around. It’s fun watching people royally mess up what is supposed to be a tasty baked treat, or middle aged women whine around a dinner table.

Find an outlet…mine is this blog. Writing always makes me feel like I just took a nice deep breath out.

I spend time with friends. Even though some retrograde days left me irritated and not really wanting to talk to anyone, I always feel better after hanging out with my closest friends.

Tl;dr? This too shall pass. Until then, we just gotta suck it up buttercups. But at least we’re all in this together.





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